I Do Not Present Like Steve Jobs

I remember the first public speech I ever gave. I was in sixth grade and terrified out of my mind. What makes my experience from most is that growing up I stuttered VERY badly.  I rehearsed my little three minute speech a thousand times and felt pretty confident.  A lot of students wrote their entire speech on note cards and just read. My mom got her first degree in journalism and taught me that one should never do that.  Just make bullet point reminders and TALK to you audience. As such I can't stand when people put a thousand bullet points on a deck and read to me on top of which now I have to look at distracting animations that serve no point. I still follow the practice of having talking points and I RARELY use animations.

In prepping for my talk at this years BarCamp in Memphis I decided to break away from Keynote, which is awesome, but I just don't use 1/32 of its power, and use Google Docs of which I am a huge fan of already. The experience couldn't have been nicer. Not only was the interface straight forward but I loved the benefit of being able to access it from any location and machine. In addition,  when I was done I can share it with a click of a button. I don't have to give up control of ownership by uploading it to another service like SlideShare.

Thanks Google for the wonderful option. For the minimalist like myself who don't present like Steve jobs Google Docs is the way to go.