JandB Photo App 2.0 - Coming Soon

After a few months of work the JandB Photo App version 2.0 is almost ready for App Store submission.  The main goal for this release was the ability for users to download the galleries locally to their phone for offline viewing and smoother transitions. I also made some subtle UI changes that I think make the app look a little more polished.

I wasn't able to add in native 4.x support due to my timeline and external library dependencies. Mainly, the Google objective-c library, Facebook's SDK and the Three20 library.  So many changes, good one's by the way, have been made to them that I am going to have to do a lot of refactoring.  Rest assured that those enhancements are the next to come. In addition for users to have the ability to add comments to a photo when posting it to Facebook and saving a photo as their phone's wallpaper.

If you haven't downloaded it already head over to the App Store and check it out.

Version 2.0 is coming soon...