Migrating to HTML5 and CSS3

It seems that in the past six months there has been more and more news, examples, and excitement concerning HTML5 and CSS3.  I must say that I too have been bitten by the bug.  What features that I have seen makes me very excited about the future of web development.  It is time to get back to basics and standards.  However,  because both are their infancy as far as adoption, not all browsers support the new technologies and the ones that do support them don't support all the features of HTML5 and/or CSS3.

Being, what most people consider, an earlier adopter I am going to be converting www.corywiles.com over to HTML5 layout using CSS3.  In order to not shut out those of you who don't have a supported browser, I will keep the old layout around until the percentage of those browsers falls below 5%.