(Order of the) Phoenix Communications

From the ashes of itself, according to legend, a Phoenix will be reborn to live again.  In my case this almost has a literal truth.   Last week I started my new job at Phoenix Communications as a Software Development Engineer.  My primary responsibility will be creating iPhone/iPad apps for business integration, as well as, consumer apps which I can't go into detail right now due to NDA...but I can say that it is going to be challenging and exciting.  Most of my previous work experience has been with fairly large companies or academic institutions.  While, I learned a lot working in those settings I definitely feel that I work BEST when I am involved with a smaller team and even smaller bureaucracy.  Too many ideas and innovations are stifled because of "red tape" or this approval or that approval needs to be signed off on by five different levels of management.  There are usually WAY too many meetings and not enough work getting done.

Not anymore.  I love the fact that I am up to my Phoenix feathers in ideas, responsibility and most importantly...coding.