Passion Can Drive Innovation and Inspiration - Ask Smule

Not too many people outside of the startup/iOS world know the name Ge Wang, but he, and his company Smule, are both to be studied and admired. The company that he co-founded, Smule, is not only one of the most successful iOS development companies with titles under their belt as "I Am T-Pain", "Glee Karaoke" and "Ocarina", but they have taken music composition and performance to a whole new paradigm.  One of the key "tag lines" that Steve Jobs always uses in his keynotes is that Apple is combining Technology and Liberal Arts.  Smule is a PERFECT example of just that.  They were definitely one of the trail blazers when the App Store was first announced to push the envelope when showing the creative potential that the iPhone offered and benefits of a gesture driven interface.

I was very impressed by Ge Wang's generosity of taking time out to speak with Jeremy Olson, the creator of Grades. The impromptu interview was a complete joy to watch.

Top 5 Reasons to Show Ge Some Respect:

Look and Listen