Second Chance At A First Impress with AppleTV 2

There are few products (software or hardware) that have come out in the past few years that I have been as excited about outside of the iPhone4 and iPad.  However, I was extremely excited about the new AppleTV launching because of the improvements that were made.  Granted, I wished that I was able to develop native apps for the device out of the gate, but I think that will be coming soon.  Remember the first iPhone didn't have native app development support.  Apple did not disappoint me in the least with their new offering.  I received it in the mail on Monday set it up without ANY issues.  Listening to my music, watching Netflix (I am a huge Netflix fan and customer) and streaming HD movies from laptop via iTunes Home Sharing.

The only real issue that I ran into was that I had to reset my wireless router after fours of heavy usage.  However, I think that is do to my router being old and not really handling to the amount of bandwidth.

Seeing how easy and enjoyable it is to interact with my media, especially movies, what will happen is that I am going to stop buying DVDs and only downloading iTunes HD movies and watching Netflix.  Can't really see the point of even watching regular TV. Programming sucks and I refuse to pay the high prices for digital cable. It is not worth it.

How do you iike them Apples?!