What Should I Do Next Steve?

The past two weeks have been quite interesting. Three of the most notable events for me where:

1) My contract with VW is ending so I will be without a job in about a month
2) iPhone 4s was announced (and ordered @ 3:30am)

In regards to the first big event, working with VW has been a blast and I have really enjoyed my time here. The project I worked on was very challenging and the end result was thus rewarding.  The people I got to work with are truly exceptional.  I would hang out with them even if I wasn't being paid.

I am not one to wait until the last minute for anything so I have been thinking about what I wanted to do next in regards to my career.  I could go and look for another corporate full-time job doing iOS. I could try and find another contract gig or I could really be adventurous and work for myself.  To weigh equally all of my options I have spent many hours these past few weeks talking to other developers and close friends about their experiences.

However, at the end of the day I have to wake up living with my decision.

For those of you who don't know the east Tennessee area very well it is absolutely beautiful. Especially in the fall.  The part of town that I live is in it's own little pocket with steep winding roads and TONS of trees. There is lots of solidarity. I took a very long walk through these roads and up the little mountain to think about "what's next".  While doing so I listened to Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement address. Paying very close attention to the parts of listening to my inner voice, pushing obstacles aside to achieve one's goals and connecting the dots. I kept thinking about the three different Evernote books I have with various hair brained ideas.  Two github projects that have been neglected that I really want to put more work into.  How excited I am to speak at the Memphis Mobile Conference next week. How I admire the following iOS developers and their impact on the iOS community and how I want to be included in that list.
On the last half mile home the decision became clear.  Not exactly how I was going to get there, but what I wanted to do. As I walked up my stairs I noticed I had clenched my fist.  This was not done in anger and I wasn't mad. In fact I was quite happy and smiling.  I went inside and took my daughter to the park.

I was ready to put my ding in the universe.