Why Google TV Won't Catch On

Today came two announcements from Logitech and Sony stating that their impending unveiling of their upcoming Google TVs. I have been interested in seeing a real production of this platform in hopes that it will make up for Android.  Before all the flame wars start let me clarify that I really like  Android…the platform, but I am not a big fan of how the various phone manufacturers have forked it and given the big narcissistic middle finger to developers and how the MarketPlace allows apps that are sending personal information to advertisers.

In reading the various news articles today concerning Google TV I hear a lot speculation about the success or failure dealing with retail price sweet spot.  Even though price does play a factor into a purchasing decision I think in this case what is going to cause the lack-luster sales of the TV's is in the following statement.

"Logitech is also apparently working on a variety of peripherals for Google TV, including keyboards and remotes."

People DON'T want a variety of peripherals, including keyboards and remotes.  People DON'T want to sit across the room and have to reach for some wireless keyboard and/or joystick to navigate the UI only to find out that the battery is dead.  The moment the hardware manufacturers start fragmenting out the different ways to control their TVs will be the death nail on that coffin and consumers will pull the plug. Literately.

Sony is at least doing the right thing by offering a free iPhone app.