Automate Adding Twitter Followers with Zend Framework

Adding followers to a user one at a time is sometimes a VERY lengthy process.  Last night the question was posed to me if there was a way to automate adding followers from users who follow someone else.

Example scenario:
John Doe follows Jane Doe
John Doe wants to follow at 600 followers of Jane Doe

Unfortunately, the Zend_Service_Twitter class doesn't offer any functionality to retrieve a list of followers from another user, but I was able to extend the class and add the functionality.

The particular user that I chose to test has roughly 6,000 users.  My client didn't want all 6,000, but the first 200.  Within 10 minutes the new custom class was written,  the script ran, and now my client was now following 200 new people of like mind. :)

I plan on submitting the feature request to the Zend Framework gurus to have the ability to find followers from other users so that it can be apart of the main service.

Until then here is the class and script:

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I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well.

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How Long Do They Last? How you care for your hair after your visit will determine how long your style lasts. "hand tied extensions can last anywhere from 6 to 9 weeks before needing to be renewed." However, the duration between treatments is determined by how quickly your hair grows and if you are properly caring for your hair. "Hair extensions itself should last longer if properly cared for, and may usually be reused for 6-8 months." To release stress on the scalp, you'll also want to make sure you're scheduling regular maintenance checkups. "Having them pushed up and removed at the right time can assist to ensure that your hair does not experience too much tension as it grows out." Even if you're using extensions, many stylists recommend detangling, washing, and moisturizing your own hair correctly. Visit our site.
HAND TIED EXTENSIONS What are the different types of hair extensions? The following are the most typical sorts of extensions you'll hear about: • Clip-in hair extensions: These are pre-clipped extensions that snap into place at the root of your own hair. • Tape-ins: These are pre-taped extensions that a stylist attaches to your roots with tape or glue. • Sew-ins: also known as weaves, are hair extensions that a hairdresser sews on with a needle and thread to your braided hair. • Keratin extensions: a specialist uses a keratin-based glue to join little strands of extensions to tiny strands of your own hair. • I-tips: strands of extensions crimped to strands of your own hair with flattened microbeads by a professional without the use of heat or adhesive. • Hand tied extensions: The phrase "hand tied extensions " refers to the method of attaching wefts to your natural hair. Your hairdresser will separate your hair into sections first. From here, they'll take little portions of hair at a time. They'll next place little silicone-lined beads in the hair and secure them. Hand Tied Extensions Hand tied extensions are exactly what they sound like: hand tied hair wefts rather than machine tied hair wefts. As a result, the wefts are thinner and sit flatter on the scalp. Because of their weak bond, they may be stacked, allowing for more customization than before. Hair extensions have long been a popular way to increase your confidence while also adding volume and length to your tresses. Because they give the most natural-looking and damage-free weft installation technique available, Hand tied Extensions have taken Instagram, the industry, and extension lovers by storm. Hand tied extensions are similar to beaded wefts, however they cover a wider surface area on your head. The wefts are sewn onto your natural hair, which is utilized to form the rows across your head. With these extensions, little is more! Han tied wefts are smaller, lighter, and thinner than standard wefts. The hair sits flatter on your head as a result of the "thinness," giving it a more natural appearance. There is less stitching necessary since the wefts are thicker and cover a broader area, allowing your natural hair to be free of heavier extensions that strain your head. If you've ever had extensions, you know how inconvenient and exhausting different methods may be. How does it make you feel? Is it painful? Hand tied Extensions are absolutely painless! To avoid any straining or discomfort, your hairdresser will treat your natural hair with caution. In addition, each weft ensures that the weight is distributed evenly. This has the effect of causing no pain during application and no damage thereafter. They will not make any damage to your hair. If you take good care of your hair, hand tied extensions may be able to help you maintain it healthy and grow it out. Do All Hair Types Work Well With Hand Tied Extensions? Many stylists prefer hand tied extensions for persons with straight to wavy hair since the beads rest flatter against the scalp and detangling may be done closer to the root, directly below the beads. Tape-ins work with all hair types, from straight to wavy, and give you a natural-looking finish. Sewn-in wefts are recommended for curlier hair textures. Do hand tied extensions pull hair out, and are they suitable for all hair types? It will not cause any damage to your hair. Wefts made by machines, on the other hand, can be thicker and hence heavier. These extensions have the ability to draw the hair down in a way that hand tied extensions cannot. For persons with straight to wavy hair, many stylists prefer hand tied extensions since the beads rest flatter against the scalp and detangling may be done closer to the root, immediately below the beads. Tape-ins may be used on every hair type, from straight to wavy, and provide a natural-looking result. For curlier hair textures, sewn-in wefts are advised. How can we install hand tied extensions and keep them looking good for a long time? Your natural hair is always the most important aspect when it comes to extensions. Hand tied extensions take longer because they require additional preparation to ensure that each weft is installed in the finest possible location. Installation time for hand tied extensions is at least five hours. We all know that's enough time to obsessively watch at least half a season of Friends, so take this as a previous warning. When it comes to what goes on your hair, 2-4 wefts are usually stitched into each row. Sometimes only one row will enough, while other times two or three will be necessary. It is entirely dependent on the appearance you desire. Your stylist will discuss your specific hair goals and what you'll need to achieve them at your appointment for hand tied extensions. The duration your style lasts will be determined by how you care for your hair following your appointment. "It can last anywhere between 6 and 9 weeks before it has to be replaced." The time between treatments, on the other hand, is determined by how rapidly your hair grows and how well you care for it. "Hair extensions itself should last longer if cared for adequately, and may normally be reused for 6-8 months." You'll also want to make sure you schedule frequent maintenance visits to relieve tension on the scalp. "Having them pushed up and removed at the appropriate times will help to ensure that your hair grows out without too much strain." Many hairdressers recommend detangling, cleaning, and hydrating your own hair even if you're wearing hand tied extensions. After the initial installation, you may expect to utilize the same extensions for 6-8 months. You may need to return to the salon every 6-10 weeks to have the extensions pushed higher, depending on how rapidly your hair grows. How much do they cost you at least? Hand tied extensions vary in price according on your region and hair goals, but they generally start out quite low. This pricing does not include the cost of the hair. You'll need between 4 and 8 wefts to add volume to your hair, and those with finer hair may need up to 10 wefts (which means you'll need two packets of hair). Pushing up (or tightening) one row and rising depending on the number of rows that need to be adjusted is normally less expensive over time. What is the best way to care for hand tied extensions? Take care of your hair in the same manner as you would your natural hair. • Brush the hair daily and massage your scalp The key for good hair is a healthy scalp. Product buildup, dandruff, and other scalp issues may harm the rest of your hair if left untreated. You're washing your hair with a sulfate-free, gentle shampoo. Heavy oils and silicones are not recommended due to the sliding of the beads used to implant your hand tied extensions. • Be careful when washing your hair Avoid rubbing your hair if you're washing it at home rather than at a salon. Brush the hair at the top of the head along the strands of the roots to wash it. The bottom half of your hair should be washed regularly. • Do not go to bed with wet hair If you have hand tied extensions, you should not go to bed with damp hair. Use a heat protectant before if you're going to use heat on your hair, such as blow drying. Heat damage must be avoided at all costs. Apart from that, you treat them as if they were your own natural hair. After a few months, you'll notice that your hair has improved significantly, and you may reinstall them even if you haven't used them in a long time! Benefits The benefit of having hand tied extensions is that each weft is carefully hand sewn. Each weft is exceptionally sturdy and does not drop since they are created with great care. Machine wefts are less noticeable since they are micro thin, thick, and bulky. As a consequence, these hand tied extensions are more comfortable and sit closer to the head, minimizing the hump generated by machine-tied wefts. In addition, the lower bulk allows for a more natural free-flowing solution. Hair extensions that are hand tied provide a more natural appearance and volume. Because of these characteristics, hand tied extensions are a good alternative for a more permanent (sewn in) hair solution. In conclusion, hand tied extensions • Do not require messy glue • Are pleasant to wear • Can be customized • Fit in well. • Doesn't harm natural hair • Makes you appear like a princess! KMXTEND Hair Extensions The new might be platinum if the old is gold. Kmxtend is a new hair extension brand. However, it has carved out a niche for itself in the hair extensions business as an innovator in bringing new technologies. By effortlessly combining extensions with natural hair, this process improves the proportion of medium and long length hair, resulting in a fuller and thicker hair tail. Hair extensions from the company are made of Remy human hair and can last up to 33 percent longer than those from other brands. After multiple washing, the texture of these extensions will remain silky soft and clutter-free. I'm confident you'll never have to worry about color fading with these extensions. The brand's more affordable hair extension alternatives include clip-ins, tape-ins, hand tied extensions, and Halo hair extensions. Every women may now achieve her dream of having beautiful looks not just once, but whenever she wishes (be your personal hairstylist wearing easy clip-ins). To make your hair stand out, choose the right extension shade or play with colors and highlights. Aside from providing affordable hair extensions, the company also provides free color matching and quick delivery. Color Technology Hair extensions in lengths of 18", 20", and 22" are available. The demand for our inventory is really strong. Every week, we receive 2-3 shipments and are usually busy. If your color and length are not in stock when you place your purchase, we'll let you know if it's on its way to us that week or if we'll have to place a special order for it. We will issue a refund if you are unable to wait for a special order. For the 16" and 26" sets, custom orders may take up to 3 weeks to fulfil. Check out Kmxtend hair extensions if you have any inquiries. You may select from a range of colors on our color ring page. If the color you desire isn't listed here, go to this page and check out with custom color. • BRONDE BALAYAGE • NORDIC BLONDE BALAYAGE • CAMPAGNE BALAYAGE • ARCTIC BLONDE BALAYAGE • BEACH BLONDE BALAYAGE • ROOTED CINNAMON RED • ROOTED DIRTY BLONDE • ROOTED HAZELNUT BRONDE • ROOTED SUNFLOWER BRONDE • ROOTED SMOKE BRUNETTE • ROOTED ASH BLONDE • ROOTED ASH PLATINUM • ROOTED NORDIC BLONDE Features  Half packs are available if you need extra hair but don't require whole packs.  Half packs are available if you need extra hair but don't require whole packs. Simply send us an email.  You may choose custom grams per weft or larger grams per set. Simply send us an email.  Custom colors are available upon request.  Hand tied extensions that is 100% real and well-cared for  A variety of rich color tones to choose from  Bulk savings are available Other products that they have: 4. 3d mink lashes: The design is one-of-a-kind, as is the definition of 3D: "Three-dimensional means fuzzy layered endings that don't lay flat," says the author. Because mink lashes keep their curl better than normal artificial lashes, the 3D approach looks great on them. 5. 3D Thin line Lashes: Our 3D thin line artificial lashes are high-quality human hair lashes designed for professional makeup artists and cosmetics fans all over the world. 6. 3d volume lashes: 2D extensions are fuller because a false lash is attached to each natural lash. The 3D eyelash extensions give you 3D volume lashes! They're three times as thick and three times as wonderful. Those with thin or sparse natural lashes should exercise caution to avoid weighting them down. Check out Kmxtend hair extensions for more details about extensions. Keep in mind that not all hairstylists are skilled in the application of hand tied extensions. For more information on how to acquire the mermaid hair of your dreams, go to
Hand Tied Extensions Hand Tied Extensions by KMXtend Hair Extensions What are hand tied hair extensions? & how do I install hand tied hair extensions? Hand tied extensions (also called tie-in hair extensions) are usually hair strands bound to one large weft. A hand tied weft bundle is made up of eight 11-inch broad wefts. Because the wefts are already in the tiny width size, they don't need to be trimmed, making installation easy for stylists. The hand tied extensions are made up of strands of hair that are knotted or bonded by hand to a thin weft top. Hand tied weft hair extensions are attached without the need of tape, glue, or heat. To achieve the lowest weft-size feasible, these are a collection of pieces that have been pre-cut and hand-sewn. Cutting pieces on your own will cause them to unravel and become useless. Hand tied wefts may be used to give volume and length to your hair while also fitting in with your natural texture. Hand tied extensions are a form of weft that is hand-sewn to provide the thinnest track of hair for the lightest, most undetectable hair extension application. Hand tied extensions are more expensive than machine tied hair extensions since they need more time to make. Installation: The weft should not be cut because it would unravel; instead, based on the specific client's hair, the weft can be folded or overlapped with more than one weft per row to vary the size. Applying 1-3 rows of silicone micro rings (micro beads are the same as micro rings) to a client's hair is known as the "Beaded Row" application method. From head to head, micro rings are spaced approximately 1" apart in a horseshoe form. Hair extensions that are hand tied are beaded onto a weft (s). The wefts are then sewed into your hair as closely as possible to your scalp. The amount of wefts required varies by people, however if you have really thin hair, you may require three (or more) wefts. Hand tied extensions are installed individually. As a result, each and every strand of your hair gets beaded onto extremely little parts of your hair. 4. Separate the hair and insert the wefts one at a time. 5. Sew the weft to the hair. 6. Sew the entire length of the extensions and tie off the ends. To make things even clearer, hand tied extensions sections cannot be removed separately; the entire weft must be removed. You may remove one strand of hair at a time using microbeads extensions (pros and cons to both shared below). Comfortability Hand tied extensions are the most flexible wefts on the market. Flat and machine wefts are denser, and they do not bend as easily as hand tied wefts. Hand tied wefts are the most comfortable and simplest to incorporate into high ponytails and updos because of this. However, all hand tied wefts, feature what's known as "return hair" owing to the way they're made. Shorter hair towards the top of the weft, around 3" in length, is known as return hair. Return hair is required to make hand tied extensions. The cuticle in the hair extensions would be going in different directions if there was no return hair. As a result, return hair is an important aspect of the hand tied manufacturing. Return hair might irritate clients with sensitive scalps. Hand Tied Extensions Pros & Cons Tie-in extensions have both advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, we all have priorities that are more important to us than others, therefore I believe it is advisable to list them all to help you make a better selection. Hand Tied Extensions – Pros ● Unlike the microbeads implantation procedure, you will not lose random hair strands. ● Your maintenance visits are less than a quarter of the time it takes for microbeads maintenance appointments. Why? Because your stylist just needs to relocate a few beads that are holding on the entire weft, rather than separate beads for each strand of hair as with the microbeads installation, your stylist will save time and money. ● The thinnest weft we provide is a hand tied weft, which lays super-flat on the scalp for a flawless application without adhesive. Our hand tied extensions are one of the greatest choices for thinning and fine hair types, and they won't promote hair loss. They're also good for thick or coarse hair since the thin shape prevents hair from bulking up at the scalp, allowing it to flow smoothly from root to tip. ● With these extensions, the fullness/length added is considerably more dramatic – you have so much hair and it looks much thicker and longer. Coming from someone with thin/fine hair, I really love it! ● You can to throw your hair up on a ponytail or bun. ● Because your hair is in a row rather as spread around your head, the hair growth doesn't seem as obvious. Hand Tied Extensions – Cons ● If one of the beads holding the weft loosens, a whole row of hair will hang loose. It’s not a pleasant experience if this happens. ● If you don't show up for your appointment on time, you risk having a weft hanging in your ears or neck and may not be able to secure another appointment for weeks. ● The installation is going to take a lot longer than the tape-ins ● This is a far more costly way of extension. ● Hand tied extensions are a touch heavier than the tape-ins in general. It may take some time to adjust to the weight, which is likely due to the fact that it is focused in one area of the head (the back) rather than being spread around. Hand Tied Extensions Maintenance On the KMXtend Hair Extensions, it indicates that you may go up to 8 weeks between hair visits. The weft will definitely grow with your natural hair as it grows out. The more time you wait between visits, the lower the weft will hang. When a weft gets too far away from your scalp, it becomes unpleasant. If you wait too long it may begin to hang over your ears. . You might be able to get away with 8 weeks if your hair grows really slowly (though I highly doubt it). 5 or 6 weeks, in my opinion, is a much better timeframe. Caring for the hand tied is a little easier than tape-in extensions. To begin with, shampooing your hair is a bit less difficult. It's a bit simpler to brush around the rows because the hair is in rows (as opposed to the tape-ins where they are placed throughout the hair). The first row begins about an inch above the ears. After a few days without bathing, this leaves the top section of the scalp fully exposed for a nice scrub! You will need to thoroughly dry the extensions and the wefts. . You can brush your hair normally (because the top of the head is free of extensions) and blow dry and style it as usual. Hand Tied Extensions FAQ’s How much are hand tied extensions? The price of hand tied extensions depends on a variety of factors. The pricing depends on your location and the amount of hair you require. For example, a full bundle is 8 wefts but you may just want three or five for just some added fullness. Obviously, depending on your requirements, your pricing will vary greatly. To give you an idea, your first session might cost anything from $1000-$2,000. This covers both the purchase and installation of the hair. Can you wear hand tied extensions straight? Yes. You may put them on in whatever way you like. Straight, wavy, curly, up, down, and all examples of hairstyles. All you have to do is make sure you don't use any style equipment that are warmer than 350 degrees. It will fry the hair and also discolor the hair into a yellowish brassy tint. Who should have hand tied hair extensions? People with long hair past shoulder length and on the thinner side get the finest results with beaded row hand tied extensions. A different procedure, such as Keratin Fusion, should be used on someone with short, blunt hair. With hand tied extensions, thin hair mixes smoothly and looks very natural. If the ends of a client's hair are excessively thick or blunt, the ends will need to be thinned to blend; I like to use a razor for this. Hand tied extensions are the most pleasant and least harmful extensions if done correctly. Make sure you get your hair extensions done by a skilled specialist. Experience is required for good hair extension installation, so select your hairdresser carefully. Where you can buy Hand Tied Hair Extensions? Beautiful beaded hand tied extensions are made by KMXtend Hair Extensions for a natural look. These are the softest hand tied extensions on the market. The cheapest blonde hand tied extensions you'll find anywhere. You'll love them! They come in 133 gram bundles consisting of 8 wefts. Colors may be mixed and matched to create the exact color combination. You won't need to purchase any more hair than you require. Half packs are available if you email them. Do hand tied weft extensions damage your hair? They shouldn't harm your hair in any way. When it comes to your hair's health, don't pick a hairdresser just on the basis of price. Choose someone with a lot of expertise and certificates in the installation you want to do. For hand tied extensions, how many wefts do I need? This is all dependent on how much hair you already have and how full you want your hair to be. You can get hand tied extensions for length; or just get them for fullness therefore that will influence your decision. The amount of hair you'll need will be determined by your desired end goal. Is it possible to wash your hair while wearing hand tied extensions? Yes! Be sure to use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and not wash more than 2 times per week. Because your hair has lost its natural oils, the less you wash it, the better. You should add in some oils to your ends also as your extensions won’t produce the natural oils that your own hair will have from your scalp. It’s very important to keep them hydrated. Is it possible for me to color my hand tied extensions? It's never a good idea to use hair extensions to lighten your hair, but if you need to pull through a deeper hue, you can. You may also add gloss or tone. Is it possible to apply hand tied extensions to short hair? Yes. Again, an expert hairdresser will know how to install your hair in the most natural way possible. Is it true that hand tied extensions are unhealthy for your hair? No, not if hand tied extensions are properly placed and maintained they will not bad for you hair. When it comes to hand tied extensions, how long do they last? There are a few aspects that will play a role in this situation. If you use styling equipment that are hotter than 350 degrees, your hair will get wavy and break much more quickly. You can use heating tools on your hair as often as you like, but make sure you use a decent heat protectant beforehand. If you follow all the property maintenance, you should be able to get 6-12 months out of a good quality set of hand tied extensions. Visit our site:
clip in hair extensions, also referred as clip-in weaves, are a way of attaching wefts of hair to your natural hair using a series of small adjustable clips. A single set of clip in hair extensions has numerous various sized strands of hair, varying in length from one to four clips.
Hair Bundles refers to a single strand of hair or a "bundle of hair." The term "bundle" is used to describe virgin hair since the hair is bundled together after being taken from a donor and sewed onto a weft. As a result, we used to refer to it as a Hair Bundle or Hair Weave. blonde bundles are a bundle of high-quality blonde extension wefts tied together (typically with a ribbon) and offered for weaving. This sort of hair is commonly sold by hair sellers who specialize in virgin hair.
The flat tip extensions is a cross between tape-in and I-link extensions, allowing for 360-degree movement while remaining flat. Flat tip Extensions are applied strand by strand to provide clients the freedom to wear any hairstyle they like flat tip extensions.
hand tied extensions relate to the method of applying the extension, which involves beading the natural hair and afterwards hand-tying the extension weft to it. They don't require any tape, glue, or heat to make. Similar to the beaded weft method, hand tied extensions are made by attaching beads to a row of a customer's natural hair.
I tip extensions are a form of hair extension that uses flattened micro beads or metal cylinders to attach to natural hair. I tip hair extensions, also known as microbeads, are a form of hair extension that attaches to parts of your hair using microbeads, which are little silicone beads.
Keratin tip extensions, commonly known as K tip extensions, are single extensions that are applied with a heating instrument. These extensions provide your hair the most natural appearance and feel. Keratin bonds are used to connect them to the hair in small areas. They mix very beautifully with your natural hair and are undetectable.
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