SlideView Contribution

One of my favorite iPhone related sites to read is iPhone Developer Tips.  The tutorials are outstanding and most importantly "real world" useful.  Back in August there was a blog posted showing how to implement a "slideable" message that can be presented to a user.  After reading through it I decided to modify how it was used to make it a little more extensible for an iPhone project that I am working.  After I got everything working correctly and they way I wanted to I decided to contact the site owner, John, with all of my source code in case he wanted to use it.

After a little more tweaking to my code he posted my changes, as well as another developer, Greg's code in a new post.

This is a small example of the importance of using open source software, as well as, the importance for developers to use the knowledge and skills of other developers to make the good....GREAT.

Sliding Views On and Off Screen – Part 2 – Reader Contributions