Solving Linker Error with New SimpleGeo Framework

One of the tasks that I had set for the upcoming 1.2 release of Stiqrd was to upgrade the SimpleGeo framework to their latest major release 2.0.  I was very excited about this because of the added features and bug fixes that include, but not limited to: simplifying model objects for places and block based logic and callbacks.
After some updates to my gitmodules file and a little bit of refactoring I was ready to go and test the compile of the project.
Unfortunately, I received the following linker error message.
As to not bore you too much with the technical details as why the error was occurring I'll get to the point.  With previous versions of the SimpleGeo, and most network operation based libraries, there was a ASIHTTPRequest library dependency which I had in my Xcode project.  What I had not paid attention to was the fact that the devs at SimpleGeo had include a version already of the ASIHTTPRequest library, but change the namespace changed to SGASIHTTPRequest.
This was an easy fix. Just do a quick find and replace all "ASIHTTPRequest" with "SGASIHTTPRequest". Then add the following import: <SimpleGeo/SGASIHTTPRequest.h>. Finally delete old ASIHTTPRequest that was in my project.
Recompile and off to the races.
If you are using SimpleGeo's iOS framework then I highly recommend upgrading your project to the latest.  I can definitely tell an increase in speed with the new library and the code management is much easier.