2010: Location, Location, Location

I guess you could really argue that the "mobile revolution" was started when Apple first released the iPhone, but 2010, I predict, will be a year full of explosive new mobile technologies and adoption.  2009 saw a huge spike in the adoption of smart phones, as well as, the release of new platforms, devices, and applications.  For the past 10 years I have focused on desktop web apps, but am VERY excited about the breakthroughs and innovation that has evolved in the mobile arena, especially with the offerings coming from Google and of course Apple.  As a consequence, 80% of my focus will be on mobile applications, both native and web.

2008 was the year of "web 2.0", 2009 was consumed by social media, and I predict that 2010 will be a digital Magellan on steroids with the Location Based Services popping up everywhere.  Evidence of this is already presenting itself, with the purchase of GeoAPI from Twitter, Google is offering "turn-by-turn" directions for free in the latest Android SDK, and Apple purchased a map tile software company.  The question will be how will all this data and the services used to manage the data be best served for the consumer.  The days of showing pins on a map are growing quite old.  It is time for more forward thinking, which is what the before mentioned companies do best.