Fixing Blurry Text in iOS

Quick Pro Tip:

It never fails that no matter what project, simple or complex, I always run into a unique scenario that makes me scratch my head.  With the latest project I am working on the UI is almost 100% custom.  The views have custom CAGradientLayers, the views are positioned dynamically, special touch events, custom UI date pickers, etc.  Like most developers after staring at the screen for long periods of time text starts to look blurry.  After I looked closer I noticed that all my label text was actually blurry.  As far as I can tell it only occurs when the UILabels were added as a subview for a subclass for a UIView.  Though I am not 100% sure why this is occurring I am pretty confident that the blurriness is caused by frame calculation from the superview has a non-zero fractional component.

In order to remedy this situation, and future proof the app, I round the label's frame and center.

Everything is now all crisp and clear.