Fast String Concatenation

Besides collection/list iterations, string concatenation is probably the most common developer task. Doesn’t matter the language.  Unfortunately, this is done incorrectly, especially with large strings.  I myself am guilty of taking for granted what goes on under the hood when performing this operation. After reading this article I found myself wondering about the mutability of strings in Ruby. Strings are natively mutable so you don’t have as much performance hit when doing basic concatenation, unlike Python which treats strings as immutable, thus “+=” performs a copy-on-write. No efficient at all. For small string concats doing the standard: “+=” or “+” is still the shortest distance between two points, however manipulating a string of any significant size, what seems to be the most efficient across Python and Ruby is to add each separate string into an array and then join.

Ruby: ** Thanks to Travis Dunn for codev


Do to the fact that I am doing more and more large scale projects performance is more important than ever and paying close attention to these little details allow for performance boots very quickly.