Force UINavigationBar Back Bar Item Display

The latest project that i have been working on has the CRAZIEST workflow that I have ever experienced.  The app isn't in the app store, but is used as a sales tool for the type of services that their company can offer.  Surprisingly, at least to myself, I was able to come up with my own navigation controls to manage the workflow.  The workflow consisted of various tabbarcontrollers, uinavigationcontrollers, fullscreen views, some with navigation bar, some without.  What ended up being the trickest parts to deal with was handling the transitions between full screen views and views with the navigation bar along with the back button.  My first attempt in the transition worked except for the fact that the back bar item was BEHIND the uinavigationbar titleView.

The problem was that I was setting the back baritem to visible in viewWillAppear:animated: and then calling setNeedsDisplay on the navigationbar.  That works, but the "refresh" of the view and animation would stop once the method ended.  The fix ended up being setting the back baritem to hidden and refreshing the navigationbar in viewWillAppear:animated: